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At True North Cooling Towers, we focus on quality work while still offering the best valued service in the industry. Our highly trained team excels at speedy repairs so we can have your tower up and running within hours! We always have the customers needs and budget in mind and will work with you to provide different options that cater to everyone. We take pride in our work and we get the job done right the first time.

Cooling Tower Cleaning And Maintenance

Cooling Tower Cleaning And Maintenance

At True North, we are confident in our ability to provide top-notch cleaning services. Our team goes above and beyond by meticulously cleaning every inch of your tower, both inside and out. We take pride in ensuring that no dirt or grime is left behind, even in the hard-to-reach areas like the spray system and louver sections. Our detailed cleaning process involves taking everything apart to guarantee a thorough clean that you can trust. True North is your go-to source for reliable, comprehensive, and confidence-inspiring cleaning services.

Cooling Tower Refurbishment

Cooling Tower Refurbishment

Investing in a new cooling tower can be a daunting prospect, but you don't have to worry about breaking the bank. Our team specializes in fully refurbishing cooling towers, which includes a complete overhaul of key components like fill media, drift eliminators, inlet louvers, basin coatings, fan motors, and mechanical assemblies. You can trust that your tower will come out of this process with a new lease on life, at just a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new tower! So why wait? Discover how our expert refurbishment services can help you feel confident about keeping your cooling operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Cooling Tower Coatings

Cooling Tower Coatings

Don't let a corroded cooling tower bring you down! Our team of experts specializes in applying two different types of coatings that will extend the life of your aging tower. Choose from our premium zinc rich coating (ZRC) or our top-of-the-line two-part marine-grade epoxy coating. All coatings are expertly applied after your tower has been thoroughly sandblasted to ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish. Trust us to turn your old, corroded cooling tower into a refreshed, reliable asset that will continue to perform for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our proven solutions.

Driveshaft Coatings

Driveshaft Coatings

Cooling tower's driveshafts may get damaged by rust, causing malfunction. A rust-preventing coating can be applied to the driveshaft to prolong its life and maintain the tower's efficiency.

Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs

We can diagnose and repair any mechanical issue with your cooling tower. This includes but not limited to; float valves, bearings, fan assemblies, driveshafts, motors and more!

Leak Repairs

Leak Repairs

Sometimes, seams or holes can open up in your tower and start leaking due to expansion, contraction or corrosion. But don't worry! We can easily fix this by resealing your tower using different methods depending on the situation.

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The True North Difference

At True North, we approach every cooling tower with a confident attitude that reflects our commitment to excellence. We take pride in the superior quality of our workmanship and the services we provide. Our competitive prices and prompt response times are a testament to our dedication to meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your cooling tower is in the hands of experts who will treat it as if it were their own. We are confident in our ability to provide the highest level of service and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our Vision

We aim to be the top provider of cooling tower services by offering customized solutions and maintaining high standards. Our team of experts stays current on industry trends. Building strong relationships with customers and exceeding expectations are important to us. We're committed to excellence in all aspects of our business and prioritize customer satisfaction. Our focus on innovation and effectiveness gives us confidence in securing our position as the industry leader in cooling tower services.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make sure customers are happy with our top customer service in cooling tower maintenance. To do this, we educate them on proper maintenance. Doing so leads to better efficiency, performance, and lifespan. We don't just provide good service; we give customers the tools to take care of their cooling towers.

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Welcome To True North Cooling Towers!

At True North Cooling Towers, we inspire excellence in every aspect of our work. We believe in offering top-notch service at reasonable rates and never compromising on quality. Our team works with speed and precision to get your cooling tower up and running in no time.

We put you first and prioritize your needs and budget, tailoring our solutions to fit your unique requirements. We take immense pride in our work and go the extra mile to ensure that we get the job done right the first time.

Our 24/7 service and assistance means that you can count on us anytime, anywhere. We service all makes and models of cooling towers including BAC, EVAPCO and MARLEY. Additionally, we carry replacement parts for all manufacturers. Being proudly Canadian, we are based out of the GTA and provide services to the GTA and all surrounding areas. Let us inspire you and keep you cool!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cooling tower is a device that is used to eliminate excess heat from industrial processes or air conditioning systems. This large piece of equipment is often located on the roof and functions by transferring heat to the atmosphere through the process of evaporation.

The basic working principle of a cooling tower involves the circulation of water through the
tower and the use of airflow to promote evaporation. Here’s how it works:
1. Hot water is sent to the top of the tower through a pipe, where it is sprayed or distributed
over the heat transfer media. Heat transfer media can be either fill media or a closed loop
coil pack.
2. As the hot water falls through the heat transfer material, it is exposed to a flow of air that
is drawn through the tower by a fan. The air is usually drawn in from the bottom of the
tower and moves upward, counter to the flow of the falling water.
3. The air flowing through the fill material causes some of the water to evaporate. This
evaporation process absorbs heat from the water, effectively cooling it.
4. The cooled water collects at the bottom of the tower and is then recirculated back to the
industrial process or air conditioning system.
5. Warm, moist air is discharged from the top of the tower into the atmosphere.
The process of evaporation is very efficient at removing heat, which is why cooling towers are
widely used in many industrial applications. The design of a cooling tower is typically based on
factors such as the required cooling capacity, the ambient temperature and humidity, and the
characteristics of the process fluid being cooled.

There are several types of cooling towers, including:
Crossflow cooling towers: A crossflow cooling tower is a type of cooling tower in which the air
flows perpendicular to the direction of water flow. In a crossflow cooling tower, water is
distributed over the fill material, and air is drawn through the fill material from one side of the
tower and discharged through the other side.
Counterflow cooling towers: A counterflow cooling tower is a type of cooling tower in which
the air flows in the opposite direction to the flow of water. In a counterflow cooling tower, hot
water is distributed over the top of the fill material, and air is drawn in from the bottom of the
tower and moves upward, counter to the flow of the water. As the air flows through the fill
material, it comes into direct contact with the falling water, maximizing the heat transfer through
evaporation. The cooled water collects at the bottom of the tower and is then recirculated back to
the industrial process or air conditioning system.
Induced draft cooling towers: These towers use a fan located at the top of the tower to draw air
up through the tower and cool the water.
Forced draft cooling towers: A forced draft cooling tower is a type of cooling tower in which a
centrifugal fan is used to force air through the tower. The fan is typically located at the base of
the tower and forces air into the tower. The air then flows upward through the fill material,
where it comes into contact with the falling water and promotes evaporation.
Fluid Coolers: Fluid coolers are similar in design to cooling towers, but they do not use
evaporative cooling to dissipate heat. Instead, fluid coolers use a heat exchange coil to transfer
heat from the fluid to the air.
The fluid to be cooled flows through the heat exchange coil or tube bundle, while ambient air is
drawn through the coil or bundle by a fan or blower. As the air passes over the coil or bundle, it
absorbs the heat from the fluid and is discharged back into the atmosphere.
Evaporative Condenser: A closed loop cooling tower, also known as an evaporative condenser,
is a type of cooling tower that is designed to operate in a closed loop system. Unlike an open
loop cooling tower, which discharges water into the environment, a closed loop cooling tower
recirculates water within a closed system.
In a closed loop cooling tower, hot water from an industrial process or air conditioning system is
circulated through a heat exchange coil or bundle. The cooled water is then recirculated back to
the industrial process or air conditioning system. The heat exchange coil or bundle is located
within the cooling tower, where it is cooled by the flow of water over.

Cooling tower water treatment is essential to maintain the performance and efficiency of a
cooling tower system. The water used in cooling towers is often contaminated with minerals,
organic matter, bacteria, and other impurities, which can lead to scaling, corrosion, and
microbiological growth in the cooling tower. Poor chemical treatment can also lead to the growth
of the deadly bacteria called Legionella.
Water treatment for cooling towers typically involves several steps, including:
1. Filtration: Water is filtered to remove suspended solids and other particulate matter.
2. Chemical treatment: Various chemicals are added to the water to prevent scaling,
corrosion, and microbiological growth. These chemicals can include biocides, scale
inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, and dispersants.
3. Bleed-off: A small portion of the water is periodically drained from the system to prevent
the buildup of dissolved solids and maintain the proper concentration of treatment
4. pH adjustment: The pH of the water is often adjusted to prevent corrosion and scaling.
5. Monitoring and testing: Regular testing and monitoring of the water quality is essential to
ensure that the treatment program is effective and to identify any problems before they
cause damage to the system.
Proper water treatment is critical to the efficient operation of a cooling tower system, and failure
to maintain the water quality can lead to reduced performance, increased energy consumption,
and equipment failure.

Legionella is a type of bacteria that can grow and thrive in cooling towers and other water
systems. When the bacteria are aerosolized (i.e., turned into tiny droplets that can be inhaled),
they can cause a severe form of pneumonia known as Legionnaires' disease.
Cooling towers are particularly susceptible to Legionella growth because they provide a warm,
wet environment that is ideal for bacterial growth. To prevent Legionella growth in cooling
towers, proper water treatment and maintenance are essential.