Before And After Pictures From Our Previous Projects

Before - Corroded Driveshaft

After - Driveshaft was mechanically cleaned and a ZRC coating was applied

Before - Interior walls are full of scale and corrosion

After - Sandblasted the interior and coated with a ZRC coating

Before - Old 2 Speed Motor

After - Brand New High Efficiency 2 Speed WEG Motor

Before - Drift Eliminators Fully plugged with scale

After - Old vs new drift eliminators

Before - Aged and dry bearings

After - New OEM slinger style bearings and copper remote grease lines

Before - Corroded cold water basin

After - Mechanically cleaned and an epoxy coating applied

Before - Scaled and damaged fill media

After - New high efficiency fill media

Before - Corroded support steel

After - Mechanically cleaned and a rust inhibiting paint applied